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From classic styles to contemporary renditions, Bernhard H. Mayer® offers selections of fine jewellery that present exquisite sparkle, colour and design. Gems and precious metals are chosen and crafted into jewellery based on guidelines set by premiere jewellery institutions. Authenticity in the quality of our jewellery is part of our continuing commitment to product excellence.
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Citrine Cove Diamond Necklace

Emanating a mellow and warm tone that seems to have captured the last glow of autumn, the citrine rests securely in the cove-like design of this resplendent 18 K white gold necklace. A shimmer of diamonds add the perfect accent alongside this gemstone pendant that will bring a hint of sunshine to those around you.
Felisa Princess Necklace
Senorita in Style

Felisa is a Spanish female name meaning the successful and the lucky. Exemplifying a high taste for refinement and fashion that is often associated with success, the Felisa Princess is a creative blend of colour, shape and finesse. Rhodium-plated silver rings hold together yellow gold-plated rollo rings in a series of intricate twists and turns, composing an alluring and striking complement to a woman's neckline.

Giving you great style paired with magnificent design in high-polish finish, the Felisa Princess Necklace is a fitting reward to celebrate great fortune and make you shine like royalty.
Silver Sautoir Necklace
Inspired by Royalty

Popularised during the Edwardian era because Queen Alexandra often wore them, a sautoir is a very long necklace, typically rope-styled and often with a tassel or pendant at the end.

A chic rendition of the sautoir, the Silver Sautoir’s sterling silver with rhodium-plated chain is characterised by six rollo rings that serve as dramatic accents to the interlinking large loops. Perfect with solid-coloured tops or dresses, this necklace draws attention to a woman’s sensible fashion style.

Content : 18 K white gold
Weight : 19.71 g
Precious Stone : 0.234 ct diamonds, H colour, SI clarity and citrine
Felisa Princess Necklace

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium and Yellow gold plated
Weight : 35.8 g
Length : 48.5 cm
Style : Rollo and ring with carabine clasp
Silver Sautoir Necklace

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium plated
Weight : 44.80 g
Length : 89 cm
Style : Trace wide profiled wire with 6 rollo rings