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From classic styles to contemporary renditions, Bernhard H. Mayer® offers selections of fine jewellery that present exquisite sparkle, colour and design. Gems and precious metals are chosen and crafted into jewellery based on guidelines set by premiere jewellery institutions. Authenticity in the quality of our jewellery is part of our continuing commitment to product excellence.
SeaCharmsSilverBracele HeartCharm Emery Bracelet FloralLinkSilver Black Onyx Silver Cufflinks PerfectinaChain GoldRipple
Sea Charms Silver Bracelet
Ocean Symphony

Casual yet alluring, the irresistible Sea Charms Silver Bracelet is exclusively designed not only to capture the attention of people around you, but also to keep you close to your love for the sea.

Inspired by the marine motif, this captivating 925/- silver with rhodium-plating bracelet features four sensational charms in matching 925/- silver -- a shell, a starfish, a fish, and a seahorse. Perfect for all those who love to be fashionable, go to high seas with this romantic and sassy piece. Catch the wave.
Heart Charm Bracelet
A Reflection of Love & Affection

Exclusively designed for ladies, the Heart Charm Bracelet is an exquisite masterpiece by Bernhard H. Mayer® that reflects a wearer’s sense of romance and extravagance.

This stunning bracelet brings out the innermost beauty of a woman as it dangles from her wrist. With an adorable silver heart-shaped pendant with satin finish dangling from a belcher oval bracelet with carabine clasp, the Heart Charm Bracelet not only represents the depth of your love but also exquisite craftsmanship and superior style.
Emery Set
Ultimate Power on Your Wrist

The Emery Set is specially designed to accommodate and benefit the modern lifestyle of men and women. By wearing this eye-catching bracelet, it helps to greatly increase your energy and harmony levels.

EMERY GENT Bold and striking, the Emery Gent highlights its sporty and powerful design with double stripe stainless steel and black silicon that sits smartly on a man's wrist.

EMERY LADY The Emery Lady is beautifully crafted with stainless steel, featuring a black silicon stripe in the centre and secured with a buckle clasp. A sleek and stylish design with durable quality makes this exceptional bracelet a great companion for a woman.
Floral Link Silver Bracelet

Our Floral Link Silver Bracelet is a unique piece of handcrafted fine jewellery with floral shaped links influenced by art nouveau styles. Designed in sterling silver, this artpiece is a charming jewellery to wear in any occasion.
Black Onyx Silver Cufflinks

Black onyx is a little mysterious as well as incredibly beautiful. Looking simple yet stunning in contrast with sterling silver 925/-, the Black Onyx Silver Cufflinks are elegant and handsome, adding just a whiff of little black magic to spice up a gentleman's wardrobe.
Perfectina Chain Bracelet

With a simple elegant classic style and exquisite craftsmanship, the Perfectina Chain Bracelet has timeless design that will reflect the wearer’s sense of sophistication and exceptional taste.

Combine refinement and uniqueness, this masterpiece features remarkable silver 925/- double oval links with rhodium-plating. This splendid piece of art is a wonderful display of classic beauty that shares the beautiful lines and harmonious shape to make an impression style for you.
Gold Ripple Bracelet
The Eternal Classic

Designed with distinct sihouette in 18 K yellow gold, the Gold Ripple Bracelet comes in a curb wide oval with crabine clasp style. Casual yet trendy, this bracelet is sure to flatter your wrist and impress everyone.

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium-plating
Weight : 21.07 g
Length : 21 cm
Style : Twin Trace with Carabine Clasp

Shell : 4.3g, Silver 925/- with rhodium-plated
Starfish : 2.6g, Silver 925/- with rhodium-plated
Fish : 4.9g, Silver 925/- with rhodium-plated
Seahorse : 2.7g, Silver 925/- with rhodium-plated

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium plating
Weight : 20.85 g
Length : 21 cm
Style : Belcher oval with Carabine clasp

Heart : 10.11g, Silver 925/- with rhodium-plated
Emery Bracelet

Gent : Stainless steel with black silicon, 21 cm
Lady : Stainless steel with black silicon, 19 cm

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium plated
Weight : 17.6 g
Length : 19 cm
Style : Cast chain with carabine clasp
Black Onyx Silver Cufflinks

Content : Sterling Silver 925/- with Rhodium plated
Weight : 10.02 g
Precious stone : Onyx
Perfectina Chain Bracelet

Content : Silver 925/- with Rhodium plated
Weight : 38.77 g
Diameter : 11.5 x 9.6 mm
Length : 21 cm
Style : Trace-B shape with carabine clasp
Gold Ripple Bracelet

Content : 18 K Yellow Gold
Weight : 95.67 g
Diameter : 12.5 x 6.0 mm
Length : 21 cm
Style : Curb wide oval with carabine clasp